The Mercator Entity Management Report 2023

Direct insight into the cost and time required to manage a global portfolio of entities
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Entity Portfolio Management has never been more important.

In-house legal and corporate secretarial teams work in a challenging environment where regulations change constantly.

Internal stakeholders need to be assured that each entity – no matter the location – is properly managed and compliant.

The purpose of the report is not to advise multinationals on where to base entities – this is obviously dictated by necessity – but to set expectations and provide foresight on the relative cost and time it takes to complete key tasks.
The data from this report covers:
different types of 
corporate secretarial tasks

2023 Key Findings

Cost to complete activities – by region
Europe is the cheapest region, whilst MEA is the most expensive.
Overall, global average costs reduced by 4% compared to 2022.
Time to complete activities – by region
North America is the quickest region, whilst MEA is the slowest.
Overall, global average time increased by 48% compared to 2022.
Cost to complete activities – by jurisdiction
The cheapest jurisdiction is Malaysia followed by Sri Lanka and Jersey.
The most expensive is Senegal, followed by South Korea and Saudi Arabia.
Time to complete activities – by jurisdiction
The fastest jurisdiction is Ecuador, followed by Uruguay and Costa Rica.
The slowest jurisdiction is Slovenia followed by Norway and Ghana.
Top jurisdiction
Overall, when considering both cost and time, Malaysia emerges as top jurisdiction, followed by Australia and Singapore.
The bottom jurisdictions are Taiwan, Vietnam and Norway.