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Mercator is the pioneer of Entity Portfolio Management (EPM).

This industry sits at the intersection of traditional governance services, legal technology offerings and operational support services for overseas entities.

Unique from any of our peers offering components of services in this space, Mercator delivers its services through an efficient centralized platform that covers more than 180 jurisdictions.

As a part of the Citco group of companies (Citco), Mercator works closely with our Corporate Solutions team – a bespoke, centralized service offering BPO accounting, Common Reporting Standard and payroll services, among others. The transparency offered by Mercator’s data insights combined with Corporate Solutions’ proactive expertise ensures Citco can support any multinational corporation on all of your entity management needs.

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Brand Story

Gerardus Mercator (1512- 1594) lived his whole life within a very narrow geographical radius and never made any significant travels, but his intellectual interests encompassed the whole world, and beyond.

Gerardus Mercator is most famous for the “Mercator Projection,” which he debuted in his 1569 world map. Gerardus Mercator’s projection has been called “the greatest advance ever made in marine cartography.” His innovation facilitated navigation on long, trans-oceanic voyages, and it played a significant role in shaping global trade to what it is today.

The trans-oceanic merchants of the past are the multinational conglomerates of the present. Much like Gerardus Mercator’s vision, our offering aims to provide global companies with the innovation and constant bearing they need to manage their global portfolio of entities.

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Citco’s 75 years of experience in entity governance led it to realise that there was no global platform available for multinational clients to manage all of their entities in a stable, predictable and consistent way. Mercator was formed to meet the emerging needs of clients with a global presence.

The philosophy that EPM is a discipline in its own right guides our business, and providing value to clients and their stakeholders is a key driver to the development of our services and technology.

Mercator delivers value to its multinational clients through six key pillars:

The cornerstone of Mercator’s service capability is its highly experienced and dedicated team that consists of jurisdictional and cross-jurisdictional experts with focused knowledge on local procedures and nuances of local company law.


Mercator’s coverage spans more than 180 jurisdictions, and services are delivered by client-dedicated teams.


Mercator’s proprietary Entity Portfolio Management technology, Entica™ enables complete transparency and access to insights into a portfolio of entities in a level unseen before in the wider governance services industry.

Operating Model

A ‘single point of contact and delivery’ that mitigates business risks and quality issues by streamlining and centralizing services across the global portfolio.


A dedicated desk institutionalizes knowledge of global procedures and processes, as well as regulatory and operational deadlines – allowing Mercator to provide clients with an unparalleled level of foresight.


Generated through the other pillars and rigorously maintained, Mercator’s meta-data enables us to provide insights to our clients, while also allowing Mercator to continually evolve over time.

Mercator Professionals

Kariem Abdellatif

Kariem Abdellatif

Head of Mercator by Citco
T: +352 47 23 23 629

Robert-Jan Kokshoorn

Head of Business Development,
Mercator by Citco
T: +1 415 470 1935

Chris Butler

Head of Operations,
Mercator by Citco
T: +370 611 53489

Jurate Kisieliene

Head of Client Services,
Mercator by Citco
T: +370 5 204 7372

Hector Marcano

Business Development Manager,
Mercator by Citco
T: +1 305 632 0613

Vytautas Stasionis

Senior Business Development Manager,
Mercator by Citco
T: +370 615 63257
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About Citco

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As a highly-respected name in our industry, the Citco group of companies is known as both a high-quality service provider and forward-thinking partner.

The founding family still runs Citco and continues to provide a broad range of financial services to our clients worldwide. True to our founding principles, we tailor our solutions to clients’ exact needs, continually investing in our network to deliver the highest-quality solutions.


Our Technology

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