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Entica™ platform demo

The platform is custom-designed around the practice of managing a global portfolio of entities and provides our clients unparalleled accuracy, transparency, and control over entity workflows.

Entica® is central to our offering and seamlessly links all areas of our client service operations.

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Client Experience

Global Compliance Calendar

All recurring corporate compliance deadlines throughout the global entity portfolio are scheduled and tracked in a single place; forward planning reports are powered by our Rules Engine and regularly maintained by the dedicated team, available to clients 24/7.
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Task tracking

Clients are given live insights into the workflows and status of any event driven task; featuring a specifically designed Project Overview report for voluminous work.

Spend tracking

Complete transparency on billing and a variety of analytical options is supported by historical spend data.

Global and detailed reporting

Clients can access high level reports and drill down to detailed analytics on workflows, KPI’s and other service elements by region, business unit, country, etc.; all with the help of interactive dashboards.


In-platform and email notifications ensure that each party is informed and able to act immediately as event calling to action happens.
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Entity details

Clients can access key corporate information about their entities such as directors and shareholders, as well as related tasks and documentation.

Request management

Integrated workflows foster structured collaboration between clients and Mercator enabling more efficient task resolution, with clients able to submit new service requests.

Document management

Clients are able to upload all documentation related to tasks and their portfolio, with access to all relevant documents, entity info or tasks, via our document management module.

Tailored authorisation

A new user authorization module provides clients with enhanced flexibility for user administration and role separation.

Entity Portfolio World Map

Interactive map for easy selection and quick statistics on the status of all event driven tasks and annual obligations across the entity portfolio.

Legal Pop-ups

Pop-up legal updates keep users informed on timely and relevant jurisdictional changes, specific to their entity portfolio.

Ownership Charts

Easily navigate connections between companies and branches. Clients can customize and filter charts by entity details, as well as explore potential change scenarios with a drag-and-drop interface. View and edit charts online or download for offline use.

Automated Workflows

Generate high-quality, bespoke draft documents for a selection of core annual reporting obligations. All documents are quality assured by our team of experts, before being released to clients to review, submit for e-signature or download for offline use. Clients receive reminders and notifications on upcoming deadlines and status changes, until completion.

Wider Technology Ecosystem

Our operating platform is system agnostic and capable of working with third party entity management systems (EMS) and related technologies.

Our EMS experience, which spans all major third party systems as well as several systems custom developed by our clients for in-house use, includes support for the updating & maintaining of records, as well as the migration / mass creation of new entries (change of system or M&A activities). Mercator’s team of Data Quality Administrators ensure that documentation and information of legal entities serviced are well-maintained and kept up to date. The scope of their activities include the management of:

Data entry
Naming convention
Historic data cleansing
Data validation
EMS navigation training
Optimize functionality
Customized reporting solutions

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