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Introducing Entica™ – Mercator by Citco’s pioneering Global Entity Portfolio Management System

In today’s increasingly complex regulatory environment, the role of general counsels, in-house legal and corporate secretarial teams at multinationals has never been more key.

The pressure is on to ensure a healthy governance framework is in place for your global portfolio of entities, and to ensure business risks are properly managed. Accordingly, multinationals are increasingly looking for a centralized platform to streamline operations. This single-source-of-truth (SSOT) system for Global Entity Portfolio Management can help drive consistency across portfolios.

Introducing Entica™

Mercator by Citco’s Entica™ platform is a custom designed technology platform providing users with unparalleled accuracy, transparency and control over global entity workflows.

Entica™ seamlessly links our clients’ headquarters with all areas of Mercator’s expert client service operations, giving users access to insight about their entities, compliance status and upcoming requirements, as well as control over workflows and next generation reporting capabilities.

Entica™ offers users a comprehensive set of functionalities, including:

  • Global Compliance Calendar
  • Entity Details
  • Task Tracking
  • Request Management
  • Spend Tracking
  • Document Management
  • Global and Detailed Reporting
  • Tailored Authorization
  • Notifications
  • Structure Chats

As pioneers in Global Entity Portfolio Management for more than a decade, Mercator by Citco has become the strategic partner of choice for many organizations with a global footprint.

Our philosophy is simple; Global Entity Portfolio Management is a discipline in its own right, and should be handled by experts. This core principle is a key driver in the development of our services and technology, guiding our business and ensuring we provide our clients and their stakeholders.