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Thailand – Process Change to Late Penalty Fees for DBD Document Filings

Following the implementation of the Testamentary Adjustment Act B.E. 2565 (2022), the process of paying penalty fees for late filings with Thailand’s Department of Business Development (DBD) has changed.

The Thai authorities are now requesting the following documents to handle late filing penalty fee payments:

  • the Confession letter;
  • the Power of Attorney;
  • and other appropriate supporting documents

The required documents must be submitted to the DBD within the specified 14-day period.

The conventional practice of paying penalty fees for missing the filing date / on late filing is no longer applicable.

It is important to note that this matter must be handled by an authorized director or the official representative of the company. However, the authorities have agreed to a compromise, allowing the company to authorize an individual to act on its behalf.

The risk of non-compliance

Failure to submit the appropriate documentation to the DBD within the 14-day deadline will result in a late filing penalty.