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Mercator Focus: Autumn 2021 Foreword

I always look forward to sitting down to write my foreword to our periodic newsletter, and this time I do so with even more anticipation. I am delighted to announce that after considerable work behind the scenes Citco GSGS is officially rebranding as Mercator by Citco.

As a business, we have been pioneering the discipline of entity portfolio management for more than a decade, codifying and crystallising best practice, building a truly global client service team covering more than 160 jurisdictions and developing industry-leading technology to help multinational clients manage all their entities in a stable, predictable, and consistent way. And, as our business has grown and as the industry has matured, we have now reached a point in our natural evolution where we feel we are ready for a new brand identity to match our ambitions.

Enter Mercator. As we went through the process of talking with our colleagues and stakeholders, one name stood out above the rest. Gerardus Mercator revolutionised global trade, facilitating trans-oceanic navigation with his “Mercator Projection” that he debuted in his 1569 map of the world. Those trans-oceanic merchants of the past are the multinational conglomerates of the present. Like Mercator’s vision, our offering aims to provide global companies with the innovation and constant bearings they need to manage their entities around the world. Although our name and brand identity are changing, our mission remains the same.

A key part of that mission is providing the industry with our latest thought leadership and regulatory updates, and this newsletter is part of that. In one article here we provide an overview of the key findings from our inaugural Mercator Entity Management white paper designed to be the definitive resource for business leaders and General Counsels on the cost and time required to manage an extensive global portfolio of entities. In another, we look at the unique challenges facing technology businesses looking to rapidly scale their business models across jurisdictions. We also introduce Entica™ 2.3 in the context of the ambitions of the Greater Bay Area (GBA) and take a deep dive into Mercator’s Project Management solutions.

Now, as we launch our next chapter as Mercator, I would like to thank our clients for their partnership with us and say that we very much look forward to continuing our pioneering work together.

Kariem Abdellatif
Director of Citco Mercator, UAB, Head of Mercator by Citco (Formerly GSGS)

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